"Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost getting caught"

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Semperfli Fly Tyig Materials
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"There`s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot"

Steven Wright

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  • Peccary Klinkhammer


    Take a look at this awesome new product from Semperfli. Peccary Subst. body material

  • Chamois Caddis


    See this awesome caddis fly tied up with Chamois hair

  • Saltwater Baitfish


    Try this blue zonker early in the season when the water is cold.......

"Some may say that fly fishing and fly tying is a disorder.

I may say that it`s a passion. I`m thinking about it, dreaming about it,

and live for it throughout the year. 

For me, it has become a lifestyle"

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Semperfli has been developed by angling professionals to provide an unparalleled selection of fly tying materials. Semperfli brings the discerning fly tyer the materials to realise their dreams and tie their ultimate fly!

Visit their webpage: www.semperfli.us

Mustad Fishing (O.Mustad & Søn AS) is a Norwegian company that manufactures and sells fishing tackle and accessories since 1877. The Mustad product range includes fish hooks, multifilament and monofilament fishing lines, fishing lures, fly hooks, tackles and more

Visit their webpage: https://mustad.no


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