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Caddis : Chenille Caddis Pupa

Caddis Pupa or a Caddis Emerger with extended body of chenille. By using cdc and soft materials, this fly will imitate lot of life and trigger the trout to feed.

The best part with this fly is that it is that is an easy fly to tie

Hook : Ahrex FW540 #10-16 (or similar)

Tying Thread : Semperfli Nanosilk 18/0, Black

Under Body : Semperfli Quick Dub, Olive

Body : Chenille, Olive Brown

Ribbing : Semperfli Quick Dub, Olive

Shield : Foam, Yellow

Thorax / Legs : Hares Blend Dubbing, Natural & Natural CDC in a loop

Head : Hares Blend Dubbing, Black

When tying in the underbody, body and ribbing. Brush the fly to let the soft fibres out. After you have finished the fly, brush the fly to let the black fibers out. All this will help you getting movement and life to the fly. And it will also help the fly to float even better. 

Ahrex FW540 can be a heavy hook, but it is a strong hook that will keep the most angry and wild fish. But if you want, change to a lighter hook as Ahrex FW524 or similar

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