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Foam Ant with deer hair legs


This is a semi realistic fly who fish very well. It may looks like a difficult tying, but when you try, its quit easy. 

The deer hair and the cdc makes floatability and gives the fly a lot of life. 

Try it when the big ants are on their wings


Hook : Ahrex FW540 Curved Nymph or Mustad C49s size #12

Thread : Semperfli Spyder 18/0, Black

Back Body : Hare`s Blend dubbing, black & black foam over

Wings : Badger hackle, use only the smal tippets 

Forward Body : Hare`s Blend dubbing, black & black foam over

Legs : Dark Grey CDC and Black Deer Hair

Step : 01

Attache the tying thread in the front behind the hook eye. Go back to the bend of the hook. Stop about 1mm behind the hook needle


Step : 02

Cut a piece of foam. On a #12 hook, it should be about 2,5 - 3 mm wide.

Cut a V-shape in the end


Step : 03

Attach the foam on the back bend of the hook where you want the back body to begin.

Step : 04

Dub the back body. Dont make it to big, let it be space between the back and the front

Step : 05

Go forward to where the forward body starts. Make some turns with the tying thread between the two body parts. 

Pick up the hackle tippets, secure them and make them point slowly out to each side. The length should be about as the hook

Step : 06

Find the other foam-part. Tie it in where you want the for body to begin. Remember not to tie down the wing tippets. Secure it well ​

Step : 07

Pick up a little bunch of black deer hair. Not to much, think that this will be the legs you see on the fly. 

We can remove legs when the fly is finished, so it does not matter if it is a little to much now. 

Lay the hair among the foam with the tippets backwards. Held the hair down when you make some hard turns with the tying thread. 

Cut away the excess of the hair

Step : 08

Find a nice piece of cdc, put in the papir clamp and cut away the trunk. 

Use little dubbing as a base. Important, dub from the hook eye and backwards among the deer hair.

Split your thread and put in the fibers. Keep the thread tight

Step : 09

Spin the thread to spread the cdc fibers

Step : 10

Tie in the cdc fibers. Make sure to bend the fibers out to the side for each turn. Go forward from the deer hair and stop right before the hook eye

Step : 11

Secure the thread with a whipfinish or a half stitch

Its time to bend the foam over as a shield. When you do that, divide the deer hair in the middle. There should be as much deer hair on each side. Use your fingers to make it looks good. 

Secure the foam in the front with a couple of tight turns. 

Step : 12

Tighten the foam and cut it of all the way around the root.

Make some tighten turns to make a head. Do some whipfinish or half stitch to end the fly. 

Use your fingers and scissor to cut of long fibers and hair. 

Crunch the deer hair to look like legs. Your fly is finished.

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