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Caddis Emerger / Pupa


This is a caddis emerger that is relatively easy to tie. And these patterns catch big trout when the conditions are right for it. The hardest thing about this is to get the stocking pants.......


Hook : Ahrex Sedge/Caddis Dry, size 10-14

Thread : Semperfli NanoSilk 18/0, Black

Underbody : Semperfli Quick Dub, Light Olive

Body : Chenille, Brown Olive

Wing Case : Polystyrene Ball in pantyhose

Thorax : Hare`s Blend Dubbing, Natural

Head : Hare`s Blend Dubbing, Black 

Step : 1

Attach the hook to the vise. 

Then make some wraps with your tying thread

Step : 2

Attach the Quick Dub about in the middle of the hook. Make sure it is enough space for the polyprop ball and the head

Step : 3

Cut off a piece of chenille. Use your lighter to slightly burn the end of it. Make sure not to burn to much

Step : 4

Attach the chenille at the same point where you put in the Quick Dub. Remember that the burned end should point backwards

Step : 5

Now, bend up the chenille so you got space to wrap the under body. Wrap your way down the hook bend. Held it tight so you don't loose it

Step : 6

Now it is time to bend the chenille backwards. And secure it with your ribbing wraps. End your ribbing at the point of your tying thread. Secure well

Step : 7

Cut away excess, and secure a couple of time. Also do a half stitch or a whipfinish knote

Step : 8

Cut out a piece of the pantyhose. Remember to make it big enough. Bigger the better

Step : 9

Find a big enough polystyrene ball. Test it on the hook if it looks alright. Then put it inside the pantyhose piece

Step : 10

Attach it on the hook, a little forward the point where you secured the body. 

Now, the fly is finished :p

Step : 11

.....or not

Cut away the excess, and do a lot of wraps around the ball. As you do when you attach your parachute wing

Step : 12

Now it is time for dubbing the thorax area. 

Use a lot of dubbing, and do not dub it to hard

Step : 13

Dub the head. Do not dub it to fast even here. But a little looser is ok

Step : 14

Find your brushing tool and go ahead. 

Be careful not to destroy the stocking pant. It do not like brushing very much. 

Pull the dubbing backwards, as they should imitate legs and that kind of stuff

Step : 15

Your fly is finished. Go out in the river and catch some big brown trouts

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