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Parachute Wing 2

Parachute wing with Poly-yarn or similar materials. 


This is a solid way to mount your parachute mayfly wing. In this case you mount the wing under the hook before you attaching it, and tie it to the hook shank. 


Step 1:

Attach the tying thread on the hook. Make a solid base with some wraps around the area you want the wing to appear. 

Remember to thing about balance, don`t attach the wing too far behind, nor too far in the front 


Step 2:

Cut of a piece of your wing material. Don`t be cheap and cut it too short. You may then have problems afterwards.

Lay the wing material under the hook shank, and up to the tying thread



Step 3:

Pull the wing material upwards around the hook shank with your free hand. 

Hold it tight and do not let go until the next step is complete



Step 4:

When holding the wing tight with one hand, use the other hand and make a couple of tight turns with the tying thread. On both sides of the wing. 

Secure it well. Tighten properly



Step 5:

Now, when the wing is properly attached to the hook, you can start making the base for the hackle. Make some tight nice turns up on the wing.

Not too much, but enough to make a solid base



Step 6:

When the base is done. You can start making the rest of the fly.

There is no way in which order you make the fly. Some people starts with the wing, another one starts with the tail. Find your own way, the mounting of the wing is the same. 

You can also secure the wing base with a small drop of superglue


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