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Cdc Mayfly wing

Cdc is often used as wings in mayfly patterns. It gives the right illusion of a mayfly wing. And best of all, CDc does not absorb water

Step : 1

Attach the tying thread on the hook. Make a solid base with som wraps around the area you want the wing to appear. End your tying at the end of this point

Step : 2

Pick up two pieces of nice cdc feathers. The color depends on what kind of imitation you want to imitate. Often used is grey, dark grey and different dun colors

Step : 3

Turn the feathers so that they lie with the curved end against each other. Adjust the length so they are equal

Step : 4

Squeeze the feathers together. Adjust the length of your wing. Approximate as long as the body

Step : 5

Mount the wing at the point where your tying thread is. Just make a turn or two. Use your fingers for adjustment. 

Important, keep on holding the feathers with your other hand, held tight.

Step : 6

After adjustment, wrap tight a couple of times. 

Then use your scissor to cut of the excess. Cut the cdc slanted backwards towards the end of the shank. 

This will help you to make the perfect mayfly body in the next step

Step : 7

Make som tight turns backwards with you tying thread

Step : 8

Go forward with your tying thread. 

Bend the cdc wing backwards and make som turns in the front of the wing. It will help the wing to stand properly

Step : 9

Keep on building a base for the wing. Both in front and behind the wing. 

Step : 10

Now it is time to make a base for the hackle. 

Make som tight turns upwards your cdc wing. Then the cdc wing is finished. 

Now you can start making the rest of your parachute fly

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