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Midge : MicroNymph
220918_1 (1).jpg

Micronymph is a buzzer, but not tied like a traditional buzzer. 

This pattern have natural quill in the body and a head of glass-bead.

Although the fly is very small, it has proven to be a very effective pattern for large trout

Hook : Ahrex FW540 Curved Nymph #16-18

Tying Thread : Semperfli Classic Waxed thread 18/0, Black

Head : Glass-bead, Green

Tag : Semperfli Fine Wire 0,1mm, Ice Blue

Body : Stripped Peacock Quill, Natural

Thorax : Peacock

Easy tying fly. Just remember to build up the body with your tying thread before wrapping the quill. Also you can add on some superqlue to the body, before wrapping. To make the fly even stronger and more resistance for sharp teeth

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