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Caddis : 1-2-3 Pupa Variant
P1040419 (1).jpg

This pattern is original made of, and tied by Staffan Lindstrøm, and over the years has been changed several of times by many fly tyers. But the original 1-2-3 yarn is still used

Hook : Mustad C49s (picture) or Ahrex FW524 #12-16

Tying Thread : Semperfli Nanosilk 18/0, Cinnamon

Extended Body : Staffan Lindstrøm`s 1-2-3 Yarn, tiwisted

Legs / Thorax : Cdc, Dark Grey

Head : Cdc Dubbing, Ginger

This fly has an extended body of Staffan Lindstrøms 1-2-3 yarn. You twist the yarn so that it doubles up. The cdc in the thorax area is helping the fly to float, but also to imitate the legs of an swimming pupa

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