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Streamers : Stoats Tail Variant

This is a variant of the famous salmon fly Stoats Tail from Scotland. This was one of the most important salmon flies on the UK icelands during the 40`s. The fly is very easy to tie, and this may be the reason for its popularity. This pattern has some similarities to the classic wet fly pattern, the Black Penell, the only difference is the tail. Black Penell has tippets, this one crest. 

Hook : Mustad SL53 UBL - #4

Thread : Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread, Black 12/0

Tag : Oval Silver tinsel

Tail : Crest or fluo.yellow antron yarn

Body : Floss, Black

Ribbing : Oval Silver Tinsel

Hackle : Black Hair

Wing : Black Hair

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