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Mayfly : Orange PQ Spent Spinner

The special about this fly is the use of flat braid under the perfect quill body material, and the "black vains" in the wing

Hook : Mustad R50NP-BR - #12-14

Thread : Semperfli Nano Silk, White 12/0

Tail : Fibetts, Dark Grey

Under Body : Semperfli Flat Braid, Bronze

Upper Body : Semperfli Perfect Quill

Wing : Semperfli Organza, white with some few straws of black

Thorax : Light Tan dubbing, mixed with CDC

Build up your body with the tying thread before mounting the two body materials. Remember that this two also will build up, so be spares. Mix a few straws of black organza in the wing, this will imitate the vains in the mayfly wings, and this can be the "little" that makes the trout eat your fly

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