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Caddis : Adult Extended Body

When the Caddis hatches and swirling around on the water film. You need a pattern you can trust on, and this pattern has been shown to such a pattern. Tied up on a caddis hook, and a body of glitter and glam

Hook : Mustad C49s (picture) or Ahrex FW524 #12-16

Tying Thread : Semperfli Nanosilk 18/0, Black

Extended Body : Semperfli Nymph Dubbing, Green & Semperfli Straggle String, Olive

Wing : Deer Hair, Natural

Legs / Thorax : Cdc, Natural Grey. 

Head : Hares Blend Dubbing, Olive

The extended body on this version is mixed by two materials, twisted together. By changing the color of these two you can make a lot of variants of this fly. Tie in the cdc as a collar around the fly by splitting the tying thread or making a loop. 

See the SBS on this fly

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