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Caddis : Chamois Caddis

A small and fishy caddis fly. The wing on this one is from wild goats called Chamois, who live their life high up in the Pyrenees.

Some of the subspecies of Chamois are strictly protected in the EU, so the hair can sometimes be difficult to obtain. But if you are looking in special fly tying stores, you will often find it. 

The special about Chamois is that the hair is much better to work with, and it floats better than deer.

Hook : Mustad R48 NP-BR - #14-16

Tying Thread : Semperfli Classic Waxed thread 12/0, Black

Body : Hares Blend Dubbing, Sprkl.Olive

Wing : Chamois, Natural

Thorax / Head : Hares Blend Dubbing, Natural Grey

When using this hook you have to go up one size to fit the imitation size. A lovely shaped hook, with big gap and enought strength to fight against the angriest brown trout. 

When all the materials are attached the hook, I use my brush to get the fibers out.  

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