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Mayfly : Peccary Klinkhammer

Traditional Klinkhammer variant with the new Semperfli product, Peccary Subst.

Hook : Mustad C49s #10-16

Thread : Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread, White 12/0

Body : Semperfli Peccary Subst. 

Thorax : Hare`s Ear Dubbing

Ving : Semperfli Poly-Yarn, Blue Dun

Hackle : Whiting Grizzly Variant

This new product from Semperfli is "sticky" on the backside, so there is no problem mounting this without using superglue under. But you can add a thin UV Resin layer on the top. 

Remember to build up your body with the tying thread before mounting the Peccary Subst.

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