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Streamers : Red Devil Zonker

This pattern does not look like anything the trout can eat, other than in its shape. But the color used in this fly often triggers the attack.

Try this one in the spring when the water is cold and the trout is lazy

Hook : Mustad C47s np-dt #6

Thread : Semperfli Nanosilk 18/0, White

Tail : Ice Dubbing, Crystal

Body : Ice Dubbing, Crystal

Thorax : Ice Dubbing, UV Red

Wing : Rabbit Zonker, Barred Hot Orange

Front Hackle : Rabbit Zonker, Red

Eyes : 3D Holographic Eye, Yellow

It is most easy to tie this fly if you using a tying thread that easily can be split, as Semperfli Nanosilk. I think about how you need to tie in the "front hackle" to shape the head of the fly. But if you don`t have that kind of thread, you can use the dubbing loop.

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