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Other : Krokùrinn

This is one of the famous "rubber flies" from Iceland. This one is created by the fly tying guru Gylfi Kristjànsson. It has proven irresistable to most species. Especially for trout and char, but also for the salmon.

Hook : Ahrex FW540 Curved Nymph #12

Tying Thread : Semperfli Nanosilk 18/0, Black

Head : Brassbead, Gold

Weight : Lead

Tail : Pheasant Tail, Yellow/Olive

Tag : Seal Fùr, Fluoro Orange or Fluoro Red

Body : Hends Body Glass, Black

This fly need to be heavy. If you only have brass-beads in stock use a lot of lead in the thorax area. If you have tungsten beads, you can add a little less. Use superglue to keep the body glass there it should be, on the fly.

See the SBS pictures of the fly her: SBS Krokùrinn

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