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Midge : Fluoro Buzzer

Traditional buzzer that imitates when the Chironomids swimming from the bottom to the surface. These type of patterns can be tied with several colors, sizes and materials. It depends on what you like and what you believe in

Hook : Ahrex FW540 Curved Nymph #10-18

Tying Thread : Semperfli Classic Waxed thread 8/0, Black

Tag : Semperfli Fine Wire 0,1mm, Ice Blue

Ribbing : Semperfli Fine Wire 0,1mm, Silver

Spot : Semperfli Fluoro Brite, Blood Red

Shield : Mirage Tinsel

Chin : Semperfli Fluoro Brite, White (4 straw)

Head : Semperfli Classic Waxed thread 8/0, Black

Coating : Semperfli No Tack UV Resin

Just one way to tie the buzzer. The special about this one is by using UV threads in the pattern.

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