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Mayfly : Olive Quillhammer
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Quillhammer is an all-round pattern that can imitate an emerger as well as an adult insect. This pattern is a variant of Hans Van Klinkens well known Klinkhammer. The difference is in the body material, and hook used in the fly

Hook : Mustad C49s #12-16

Tying Thread : Semperfli Nanosilk 18/0, Olive

Tail : Semperfli Fine Wire, Ice Blue

Body : Stripped Peacock Quill, Olive

Wing : Semperfli Poly-Yarn, Cream

Thorax : Hares Blend Dubbing, Olive

Hackle : Whiting, Barred Olive

This is a all-round pattern, and you can change colors and sizes after what`s on the river. Every winter I tie up some brown ones in size 12-14, Olives 14-18 and Orange 14-16. Think of where you mount the wing, don`t mount it far against the hook eye, it will unbalance your fly.  

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