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Streamers : Dyrbitur

Dyrbitur is an Icelandic pattern, and the name means an animal that bites other animals. And the trout can not resist this fly. The rubber legs vibrates when you strip the line, and the trout will surely attack the fly

Hook : Mustad 79850 Streamer Hook #6

Head : Brassbead 4mm, Gold

Thread : Semperfli Nanosilk 18/0, Black

Tail : Marabou, Black and a few straws of flash

Body : Ice Dubbing, Silver or Metal Color

Thorax : Ice Dubbing, Black

Legs : Rubber legs or Crazy legs

Front Hackle : Whiting Softhackle, Black

Head : Ice Dubbing, Black

This awesome pattern is a variant of the well known Wolly Bugger pattern, but on this one there is added a few more materials we all know the trout can not resist

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