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Streamers : Barred Brown Rabbit Zonker

Fishing with streamers can be insane fun, and just as frustrating as fishing on a hard rising brown trout. These type of streamers have the most of what I`m looking for in a streamer. 

Hook : Ahrex NS122 Light Stinger #6-10

Tying Thread : Semperfli Nanosilk 18/0, White

Tail : Ice Dubbing, UV White

Body : SLF Prism Dubbing, Hares Ear

Thorax : Ice Dubbing, UV Red

Wing : Rabbit Zonker, Barred Brown

Cheeks : Semperfli Buzzer Cheeks, Fluo Orange

Collar : Rabbit Zonker, Brarred Brown

Eye : 3D Holographic Eyes, White

Attach the zonker strip first. Then you can add some lead if you want a heavier fly. Then it`s time to add on the tail and the dubbing. Remember to brush it hard backwards when it`s done, then you will get a nice shaped body. Now attach the wing in the front, remember to make enough space to the collar and head. 

This pattern will collapse when you drag it forwards, but the rabbit fibers will pulse when the drag stops - and this movement triggers the trout to attack the fly

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