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Streamers : Saltwater Baitfish

This is a typical saltwater baitfish pattern used early in the season hunting for sea-running brown trout. 

The water is often cold, and the color of blue is well known. 

But try this after the freshwater brown trout as well early on, you may be surprisd

Hook : Mustad C70 SNP-DT - #2-6

Thread : Semperfli Nanosilk, White 12/0

Wing : White/Blue barred Rabbit Zonker

Body : Pear Ice dubbing (brushed hard), may a little red in the gills area

Collar 1 : Light Grey Rabbit Zonker

Collar 2 : White/Blue barred Rabbit Zonker

Eyes : 4mm 3D eye, White

Mount the Collar 1 part before bending over the wing. Then tighten the wing before you mount collar part 2, this will give you an fantastic effect on your fly. 

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