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Midge : Crawling Midge Emerger

This pattern took me to the final table of the Norwegian Fly Tying Championship 2018.

It is an imitation of a midge transforming into an adult insect. The pattern is much like the Straggle Midge, but with different materials

Hook : Ahrex FW524 Superdry #12-18

Tying Thread : Semperfli Classic Waxed thread 18/0, Black

Tail: Crystal Flash (two small pcs)

Body : Stripped Peacock Quill, Natural (underbody build up with tying thread)

Spot : Semerfli Fluoro Brite, Blood Red

Shield : Foam, Black

Wings : Hackletippets, Dun

Antennas : Cdc, White

Thorax : Cdc, Natural Grey

Legs : Deer Hair, Black

This is a fly with a lot of different materials. And the results is satisfying. Build up the body with tying thread before wrapping the quill (add some glue on the body before wrapping). 

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