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Stripped Peacock Quill Body


I use this kind of body in many of my patterns. On midges, mayfly emergers, mayfly duns, caddis name it. 

I just love the look of them. 

Step : 1

Attach the thread on the hook. 

Yeah, it looks odd attach the hook this way in the vise. BUT this is my way of tying it ;)

Step : 2

Mount a picea of Stripped Peacock Quill. There is a lot of them in the market, I use stripped quills from the Polish company "Polish Quills" - and I love their products. 

I mount the peacock quill at the thickest end in hook sizes up to 14-16. On smaller hooks I turn the quill

Step : 3

Secure the quill and go forwards again with the tying thread

Step : 4

Use your tying thread to make the body. Secure the thread with a whipfinish or a half stitch at the end

Step : 5

Instead of using UV glue or varnish over the peacock quill at the end. I use super glue under the quill, before I wrap it. 

That`s because I don`t want to loose the original look/gloss of it

Step : 6

Now you can make the body. Do some tight turns. Secure it when you reach the top of your body

Step : 7

Cut off the excess. 

For those who want to add UV glue, do it now. 

Step : 8

Your Stripped Peacock Quill body is now finished. 

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