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The straight eyed, long curved hook is perfect for long curved nymph patterns or emerger patterns for the big mayflies as vulgata and danica. The hook also features a 3X extra long shank perfect for dry fly terrestrials. Developed in cooperation with the world`s top fly tiers to exact proportions between, gap, bend, wire diameter and shank length for precise scaling unmatched by others. Micro barb can easily be pinched down without damaging the hook for barbless applications. Bronze finish. Chemically sharpened, nor-tempered high carbon steel.

Sizes: #6 - #18

Old Modellnr: C53S

Hook Point : Needle Point


Hook Point Shank : Micro Barb


Hook Eye : Straight eyed

Strenght : STD

Length : 3XL

Other : na

Try this hook on Vulgata & Danica emergers, it will suits your fly tying well. Also this is a fantastic hook for bigger caddis flies, and it is strong enough for the biggest and angriest brown trouts.

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