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Perfect Quill Body


This body material is synthetic, and the best part, it is also clear. With only the black border on - so you can decide for your self which color you want on the body.


This material can be used on caddis, sedges, mayflies, midges and so on


This is how I do it 

Step : 1

Attach the hook on the vice. In this case I have used Ahrex FW524 Superdry - perfect hook for Caddis Emerger

Step : 2

Attach the thread to the hook. 

I want a fluo green body on this fly. Therefor I use the brand new Waxed thread from Semperfli, Fl.Green

Work your way down to the point you want your body to begin

Step : 3

Find a piece of Perfect Quill, and tie it on the hook. Mount it in the thinnest part

Step : 4

Build the body with your tying thread. Try to make it as thin as you can down on the hook shank, and make it thicker against the thorax area of the fly

Step : 5

When your body is finished. Tie of the tying thread. 

And on this fly I wanted a hotspot area behind the wing. I have used a pain marker in, but you can also use tying thread if you want.

Step : 6

Tie in your regular tying thread, that you also will finish your fly with. I use black waxed thread 12/0 from Semperfli

Step : 7

Wrap your body. Take some nice easy turn against the thorax area. Make sure that it lays flat and fine. Tie it of on the top

Step : 8

Cut of excess material. And your body is finish. 

Now you can use som UV glue on the top, to make your fly stronger. But it is not necessary.

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