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Step 01

Material List on this fly:

Hook : Mustad C49s #12

Thread : Semperfli Nano, Olive

Body : Nymph Dub & Straggle String (Green & Olive)

Wings : Deer Hair, Natural

Thorax : Cdc, Dark Grey

Head : Hares Ear Dubbing, Dark Olive

Step 02

Attach the hook to the vice. Fasten the tying thread and wire it back to the point of the hook

Step 03

Find one piece of Semperfli Nymph Dub color green, and one piece of Semperfli Straggle string color olive. Tie them into the point where your tying thread is. Secure it well. Put on a small drop of glue

Step 04

Twist these two pieces together. Twist hard and held it with your left hand. Find your dubbing needle

Step 05

Use your dubbing needle and adjust the length of the body. Secure with the tying thread. Cut of the excess material

Step 06

Find a nice bundle of Deer Hair. Adjust the size to the body. Put it in the stacker, and hammer loose

Step 07

Mount the wing on the fly. Start with a couple of loose turns with the tying thread, then tighten it

Step 08

Find two pieces of Dark Grey CDC feather. Don`t pick the nicest one, save them for wings or similar on mayflies. 

Use your CDC tool to pick out the fibres

Step 09

Use your CDC clamp / paper clamp. Collect the CDC fibres, prepare the tying thread for next step. Splitting

Step 10

When you use Semperfli Nano thread, it is very easy to split the thread, witch often is an advantage instead of using regular dubbing loop. 

Put the CDC fibers in the splitted thread or in the loop. Keep the tying thread or the loop hard so that the fibers do not fall out. 

Step 11

Twist and spin the thread. Spin enough, but not to much. If you spin to much the thread will be weak, and it may break of. 

Step 12

Wrap one turn around the hook in front of the wing, then wrap one turn behind/under the wing. Next turns, all in front of the wing. Fold the CDC feathers backwards with your fingers for each turn. 

Step 13

Find your favorite Hares dubbing. Mine is the one from Live4flyfishing, just love this one

Step 14

Dubb the thorax / head very loose

Step 15

Try to make a nice transition from the wing to the hook eye

Step 16

Brush your fly with your dubbing brush. Take out a lot of fibers, and use your fingers to bend them backwards. 

Use the scissors to remove excessive fibers

Step 17

Tie of the fly with a half stitch or whipfinish tool. Secure it with varnish or glue.

Now the fly is ready to fish with

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