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Midge : The Stragglemans Buzzer
271118_3 (1).jpg

This is an variant of the well known pattern created by Dave Shipman back in the 70`s. This pattern was made to imitate buzzers or Chironomid hatches in England. The fly is often neglected, because it looks like nothing, but still this fly is banned in some rivers because they`re to effective. 

In this variant I have used Semperfli Straggle Legs in the body, normally in the original pattern its dubbing and flash

Hook : Ahrex FW502 Dry Fly Light #12-16

Tying Thread : Semperfli Classic Waxed thread 18/0, Black

Shuck : Cdc, White

Body : Semperfli Straggle Legs, Black

Head : Cdc, White

A very easy and fast fly to tie, and it catch fishes under the right circumstances. Try also to tie this one with other colors as red, purple, green mm. When I use Straggle Legs in the body as on this fly, I only wants to use Cdc in the back and the front, to help the fly to float. Normally when its dubbing in the body, you can use example, white antron

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