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This is also a relative easy fly to tie. 

And the most fun, you have to seek around the house for some pantyhose......

A fishy pattern that hangs in the waterfilm

Caddis Emerger/Pupa


It is relatively easy to tie this "Rabbit Midi Zonker" pattern, that appears to be a proper trout catcher.

The pattern can be tied in many different colors and styles. Choose your choise

A streamer for the real big trouts

Rabbit Midi Zonker


Excellent trout fly, and a must have in the box-fly created by the Icelander Gylfi Kristjansson

A must have fly on Iceland



A beautiful fly pattern that fishes well. Seems hard to tie, but is reasonably easy to tie for most tiers.

Semi real imitation 

Foam Ant with deer hair legs 


An easy and fishy fly for the caddis hatches. Includes deer hair, hare`s dubbing and cdc. All to create life to the fly

A great imitation of a caddis fly

Adult Caddis with extended body

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