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Big News Autumn 2021

23. june 2021

This autumn we will see something we have been waiting for in a long time - stay tuned


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15. october 2020

Feel free to visit my youtube account 

On this account I will share full length videos of tying flies

Follow the link below


09. march 2020

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, the goverment of Bavaria prohibits events with more than 1,000 people. According to this order, the 15th International Experience the world of Fly Fishing 2020 from March 28-29, 2020, must be cancelled


04. march 2020

Read about the Mustad alphacodes that tells you what kind of hook it is by the name

Also see the hook chart


20. february 2020

Look at this new online interactive Fly Tying Guide from Semperfli. 

I do think you will find this one helpful. With over 200 fly patterns & videos built in. 

Jump in it and take a look, think you will love this.....


02. december 2019

Find Santa on this web site!

This year Xmas competition is quit easy. Search for Santa on this web site, and if you find him - click on him.

Everyone who finds him will participate the competition - and the winner will be drawn between 25-31. December


13. november 2019

Christmas eve came early this year. I have bought my self a new vise. 

I will use this when traveling around Europe at fly fairs, With my homemade Semperfli pedestal......

This will be sooo awesome

Visit Regal Vise follow the link

Back from the 10th Irish Fly Fair

12. november 2019

Back home from a fantastic weekend in Galway and the 10th Irish Fly Fair. 

It was stunning. All the fantastic people comming by for having a chat, all the awesome fly tyers.......and at least, the Semperfli Family - you are the best.

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07. november 2019

I`m delighted and honored that I from now on will tie all my flies, and represent the Norwegian hook brand Mustad. 

This company have manufactered fishing- and fly hooks since 1877. 


I know this company and their hooks very well - cant wait to get into this 


25. june 2019

Semperfli has released their new amazing synthetic quill. 

Clear and tapered.... - using a colored tying thread under the quill, this make the most amazing bodies on the flies

See how you can make a perfect body


12. june 2019

It is only two weeks before I will participate on the SIM Fly Festival in the nice town of Castel De Sangro in Italy

Really looking forward meeting this fly tying family again


11. april 2019

Woow, I`m honored to be one of the three fly tyers who made it for the final in the Norwegian Championship in fly tying 2019.

Unfortunately I can not be there this day because I`m double booked. So I have to give my place on the table to the next person on the list...... somtimes it is just like that. 

But I`m happy to see that my flies gave the highest score from the judges in the initial round


24. november 2018

In january 2019. Semperfli releases a bunch of new products on the market. 

One of the products is this Classic Waxed thread. 

I have used it for a while, and I just love it. It lays flat, are strong, very well waxed and maybe the best - it is 240 yards pr. spoole


13. november 2018

Another new fly fair in a new country. 

I will be one of few Norwegians fly tiers that will participate on the Scottish Fly Fair in March next year. The fair is held in the town Stirling. 


12. november 2018

New fly fair in a new country. 

I got an invite for the upper Austrian fly tying day in Linz, march 2020. 

And for sure, I`m realy honored and will pack my stuff down and visit this country...

See you guys


31. mai 2018

Have done an interview with me about my flies for the spring and summer fishing.

This looks really good, take a jump into the webpage and read the all......


26. mai 2018

I`m honored and proud that my flies is given so much space in the new Semperfli online catalog. 

They deliver fantastic products, so it is quite easy to tie up good flies using these products....

Upcomming Article

22. mai 2018

During a school project, I have started on the work of an article, about hunting the ice age trouts on Iceland and Thingvallavatn.

The project is still in its initial phase...

Se....let`s see where it ends

See More Right here

17. mai 2018

For the first time I will attend a fly fair in Sälen in Sweden. 

Really looking forward to meet known and unknown Swedish friends. See ya !

ahrexhooks (2).jpg

05. may 2018

From now on I will tie my flies on the Ahrex hook brand. A nordic based brand who serves the best quality in fly fishing hooks

Cleaning the MAN CAVE

21. april 2018

From time to time the mancave need a cleaning, and today was a day that this had to be done :p

I decided it after bending down to pick up a rabbit zonker strip, and grabbed something I belived was the zonker strip. It was big, real huge - a dustball!!!! - the biggest one I`ve ever seen :D :D 

See More Right here

11. april 2018

Semperfli have written an article on their website about my participation in the Norwegian Championship in fly tying.

Visit the website and see what they say


07. april 2018

For the first time in the history, the Norwegian Championship in fly tying went of. It all was held at the fishing fair in Lillestrøm, Camp Villmark. 

I competed in the class of trout flies. 

And after a very scary final round, I`m pleased to get the second place in my pocket..........

NEW Fly Fair - Nordic Fly Fair, Elverum

05. april 2018

I will also this year participate at the fantastic Norwegian fly fair show, Nordic Fly Fair in Elverum. 

I`m really exited about this


12. december 2018

Today is a lucky day. 

I have been given the opportunity to join the UK based fly tying brand Semperfli as a PRO tyer. 

They are known for the superstrong tying thread named Nanosilk. Can`t wait to play with all the fantastic products they have made. 

First Time at British Fly Fair

15.november 2017

I am honored and prooud that I have been invited for the first time at the British Fly Fair International - BFFI England. 

And look at this - a reputable mention on their website......

See More Right here
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