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Semperfli has been developed by angling professionals to provide an unparalleled selection of fly tying materials. Semperfli brings the discerning fly tyer the materials to realise their dreams and tie their ultimate fly!

Famous for Nano Silk the world`s strongest fly tying thread available in 18/0 (30 denier), 12/0 (50 denier), 6/0 (100 denier) and 3/0 (200 denier). Now also world wide known for the fantastic Classic Waxed thread, strong and flat-lying. Massive range of color in all 6/0 - 8/0 and 12/0.

There are many more top materials in the Semperfli range from synthetics to furs, feathers and tools. Actually there are over 700 products in the range altogether!

These include the highly popular Straggle String, Straggle Legs, the world thinnest chenille with just 2 strands and its incredible UV flecks looking like bug legs for nymphs and klinkhammer bodies. Newest is the incredible synthetic body quill, and the peccary substitute quill. There is an amazing range for the fly tyer to chose from. 

Ask your dealer for Semperfli products today. 

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Mustad Fising (O. Mustad & Søn AS) is a Norwegian company that manufactures and sells fishing tackle and accessories since 1877.

The Mustad product range includes fish hooks, fly fishing hooks, multifilament and monofilament fishing lines, fishing lures, fishing flies, terminal tackle and fishing apparel.

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