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Other : Mr. X

I really don`t know what kind of imitations this is, or if it is a imitation at all. Got a picture from one customer who used this kind of patterns after sea-trouts in the west coast rivers in Norway. The fly is big, and very diluted with lead.

Hook : Mustad C49s #6

Thread : Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread 8/0, Black

Weight / Head : Brassbead, Gold and Lead

Tail : Pheasant Tail, Brown

Body Back : Fox Dubbing, Red

Body Forward : Sasquatch Dubbing, Dark Grey

Ribbing : Silver wire

Collar : Hungarian Partridge, Natural

Legs : Rubber legs, Black

Thorax : Sasquatch Dubbing, Dark Grey

I start wrapping the lead on this fly. I use lead all the way, but the heaviest part is around thorax. Then I use some superglue to secure it all. 

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