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Other : Bibio Pomonae Variant

Bibio Pomonae is a species of the Dipteras, and in the Bibionidae family. It can reach of about 10-13mm in lenght. The body is often shiny black, with a long black abdomen. Deep crimson-red femurs and dark tibiae and tarsi (legs), as we often want to imitate while tying this pattern. 

Bibio is not a water living insect, but while their swarming, a lot of them crash lands in the water and that gives a h... of good fishing.

Hook : Ahrex FW524 Superdry #10-12

Tying Thread : Semperfli Classic Waxed thread 8/0, Black

Body : Semperfli Quick Dub Glint, Black

Wing : Semperfli Poly-Yarn, Cream

Shield : Semperfli Foam, Black

Legs : Deer Hair, Black & Red

The body is twisted Quick Dub from Semperfli. Attach the one end to the hook, and twist it. Then bend over and let it "roll" together to shape the body. The deer hair is tied in along the foam, and you use the foam (when bending it forwards) to spread the legs out to each side.

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