Other : Melted Glue Parachute Ant
IMG_3558 (1).jpg

When the ants happens to hit the water, you can hear the "plopp" very clearly. This also catches the trout`s interest. The back body of this one is heavy enough to make the sound, and the dubbing in thorax, and the hackle will make the fly float 

Hook : Mustad C49s #12-16

Tying Thread : Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread 18/0, Black

Back Body : Melted Glue, Black

Forward Body : Superfine Dubbing, Black

Wing : Semperfli Poly-Yarn, Orange

Hackle : Whiting, Black

It takes some practice to fix this back body with the melted glue, but with exercise and a bit of testing you will find your technique to do the job. Remember to add enough hackle, or this fly will sink. But will it fish worse for that reason?