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Streamers : Skjevdalsmuddler`n
IMG_0839 (1).jpg

This pattern is created by the great Norwegian fly fisherman Bjørnar Skjevdal. 

He often use this pattern as a fish-finder. He look at the river, see the places where he believes the trout can be (he knows), then he fish this pattern right above the fish.

Hook : Ahrex FW520 Emerger #12

Tying Thread : Semperfli Nanosilk 18/0, White

Tail : Rabbit Zonker, Natural Brown (only the fùr)

Body : Ice Dubbing, Brown Olive (brushed hard backwards)

Head : Deer Hair, Orange

When you have attached the tail and dubbing. Use your dubbing brush and brush the fly hard backwards. Some of the dubbing fibers should be a part of the tail. Cut the deer hair as a muddler-head. But don`t make it to perfect, it has been proven that a "bad" tied head / cutted head fish better.....

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