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Streamers : Blue Bloodhead Zonker
191019_1 (1).jpg

One in the zonker family. This one is created for cold waters, maybe early in the season when the trout is slow. Blue has been tested very well in years in this conditions. And making a red collar for the contrast purpose 

Hook : Stinger or Streamer Hook

Thread : Semperfli Nano Silk, White 12/0

Body : SSS Dubbing, purple

Wing : Rabbit Zonker, Barred White & Blue

Collar : Rabbit Zonker, Red

Eye : 3D Holographic Eyes, White

Attach the zonker strip first. Then you can add some lead on the hook if you want a heavier fly. Then it is time to dubb the body, dubb loose. Brush the dubbing backwards after (brush hard), to form a nice body. 

Bend the zonker strip forward and tie it down. Now find a piece of red zonker strip, put the fibers in a papir-clip and cut off. Make a dubbingloop of the thread, or if you use Nanosilk, split it. Put the fibers in it, and twist. 

Make turns with the fibers, remember to drag the fibers backwards for every turn. Tie it off, glue the eye on

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