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Caddis : Disco Caddis

Another caddis pattern tied on a curved hook. My experience is that this kind of patterns can be fished as emergers, and adults as well. 

The cool part on this one is the UV colors used in the body. To scare the fish? Maybe, but if it could trigger something....?

Hook : Ahrex FW524 Superdry #12

Thread : Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread 12/0, Black

Under Body Back : Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread 8/0, Fluoro Green

Under Body Forward : Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread 8/0, Hot Orange

Body : Semperfli Perfect Quills, Small

Wing : Deer hair, Natural

Hackle : Cdc, Brown

Use the UV thread to tie in the PQ. Then start making the body. Use the hot orange thread to build up the body, tie off. Then change to the black thread. Start wrapping the perfect quills. Finish the fly

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