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Streamers : ZonkerSkunk

The ZonkerSkunk I called this pattern because of the colors on the Rabbit Zonker. 

This is a small bait-fish pattern with a head of golden brass bead. And elements as the orange with black, and the UV red dubbing in the gills area is "scary"

Hook : Mustad C47s np-dt #6

Head : Brassbead 4mm, Gold

Thread : Semperfli Nanosilk 18/0, White

Tail : Ice Wing Fiber, Crystal

Body : Ice Wing Fiber, Crystal

Thorax : Ice Dubbing, UV Red & Ice Dubbing, UV Orange

Wing : Rabbit Zonker, Black Frosted White

Front Hackle : Rabbit Zonker, Black Frosted White

It is most easy to tie this fly if you using a tying thread that easily can be split, as Semperfli Nanosilk. I think about how you need to tie in the "front hackle" to shape the head of the fly. But if you don`t have that kind of thread, you can use the dubbing loop.

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