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Mayfly : Red Spent Spinner

I have often noticed that the trout prefer these red colored Spent Mayfly spinners. At least when the Aurvilli hatches have been going on for a while. 

Hook : Ahrex FW502 Dry Fly Light #12-14

Tying Thread : Semperfli Classic Waxed thread 18/0, Red

Tail : Fibetts, Light Brown (4 pcs)

Body : Stripped Peacock Quill, Crimson

Wing : Sparkle Organza, White

Thorax : Hares Blend Dubbing, Red

By changing the stripped peacock quill with dubbing, you will easily get a fly thats float higher, by impregnating it. But it is not a big problem with these quills as well, the fly will float long enough, and you shake of the water when throwing out in the river again.

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