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Adult Caddis with extended body


When the caddis hatches, and is on the water film. You need a pattern you can trust on. This pattern has been shown to such a pattern. Tied up on a caddis hook, and with extended body with "glam`n rockn roll"


Hook : Ahrex FW540 Curved Nymph or Mustad C49s size #12

Thread : Semperfli Nanosilk 18/0, Black

Back Body : Semperfli Nymph Dub & Straggle String, twisted together

Wings : Deer Hair, Natural color

Thorax : Cdc, Dark Grey (in splitted thread or loop)

Head: Hare`s Ear Dubing, Dark Olive 

Step : 01

Attache the hook to the vise. Fasten the tying thread and go back to the point of the hook

Step : 02

Find one piece of Semperfli Nymph-dub, color green. And a piece of Semperfli Straggle String, color Olive.

Tie them into the point where your tying thread is. Secure it well

Step : 03

Twist the pieces together. Twist hard and held it tight with your left hand. Then find your dubbing needle

Step : 04

Use your dubbing needle and adjust the length of the body

Secure it tight with the tying thread. Cut of the excess material

Step : 05

Find a nice bundle of Deer Hair. Adjust the amount to the body. 

Put it in the stacker, and hammer loose

Step : 06

Mount the wing on the hook.

Start with a couple of loose turns with the tying thread, then tighten

Step : 07

Pick up two pieces of Dark Grey cdc feather. Don`t pick the nicest one, save them for the mayfly wings

Use your cdc tool to pick out the fibers

Step : 08

Use the paper clamp or if you have something else for the job. Collect the cdc fibers

Step : 09

When you use thread as Semperfli Nanosilk. It is easy to split the thread for this job in this step. Or you can make an dubbing loop. 

Put the cdc fibers in the splitted thread or in the loop. Hold the thread tight so you don`t loose it

Step : 10

Twist and spin the thread. Make sure the cdc fibres spread out and looks great. 

Step : 11

One turn around the hook in front of the wing. The next turn, behind the wing. The rest in front of the wing.

In every turn, use your fingers to fold the cdc fibers backwards. 

Step : 12

Then it`s time to dub the front area. 

Use your Hare`s Blend dubbing, and dub it loose. 

Step : 13

Use your dubbing brush and make it hard. Brush backwards

Step : 14

When the brushes is finished. Secure the fly with a whipfinish knot or a half stitch. 

Cut of the thread

Step : 15

Use your fingers and scissor to cut of fibers and stuff who don`t looks nice. 

Your fly is ready

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