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This is one of the famous "rubber flies" from Iceland. This one from the flytying guru Gylfi Kristjànsson. It has proven irresistable to most species. Especially for trout and char, but also for the Salmon


Hook : Ahrex Curved Nymph FW540 #12

Thread : Semperfli Spyder 18/0, Black

Head : Gold Brass Bead

Weight : Lead (may be omitted)

Tail : Pheasant Tail, Yellow/Olive

Tag : Seal Fùr, Fl.Orange or Fl.Red

Body : Hends Body Glass, Black

Step : 01

Attach the bead on the hook. I have used a 2,8mm brass bead on this #12 hook size. 

If you use tungsten bead you do not need more weight

Step : 02

Attach the tying thread and go back to the bend of the hook

Step : 03

Pull out a bundle of fibers from the pheasant tail feather. Make them equally long. 

Tie them in on the hook, secure well. 

Cut of the excess

Step : 04

Attach the rubber. On this fly I have used the half round Hends Body Glass rubber. 

Tie it in "backwards" with the longest end pointing against the hook eye

Step : 05

Dub the sel fur in as a tag. Not to loose, but make it "fishy"

Step : 06

Use your tying thread and build up the body. Thickest right behind the hook eye. 

Step : 07

Then you can tie in the body. if you tighten too much,  you will not get the right shape. 

Secure well when finished

Step : 08

Secure with whipfinish or a couple of half stitch. 

Use scissors to cut away the excess.

Your fly is ready 

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