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Split mayfly tail with micro fibets


This is a allround way to make the tail of a mayfly, using micro fibets. 

Someone loves it, other hates it. But for sure it looks good, and balances the fly good.

Step : 1

Attach the tying thread on the hook. Wrap down to the point you want to mount your micro fibets

Step : 2

Find four straw of micro fibets. Make them equally long. The color you choose depends on which imitation you are tying

Step : 3

Adjust the length, about the length of the hook. Secure the micro fibets with a tight turn. 

Step : 4

Go forward with your tying thread. Stop about the point where you want the wing to be

Step : 5

Cut of the excess and go backwards again with the tying thread

Step : 6

Go under and up between the micro fibets with your tying thread

Step : 7

Make some turns around the fibets. Remember to also make a couple of turns under the wing. 

Help the fibets to spread, two at each side

Step : 8

Go forward again with your tying thread. Now you can tie in your wing for an example. 

PS: If you use dubbing as body. It can help to make one turn under the tail when you start dubbing your body. 

This will help the tails to stand up 

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