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Streamers : Grey Zonker
140619_3 (1).jpg

Fishing with streamers can be insane fun, and just as frustrating as fishing on hard rising brown trouts. These type of streamers have the most of what I`m looking for in a streamer

Hook : Ahrex NS122 Light Stinger #6

Thread : Semperfli Nanosilk 18/0, Black

Body : Hends Spectra Dubbing, Peacock

Thorax : UV Dubbing, Red

Ving : Rabbit Zonker, Grey

Collar : Rabbit Zonker, Grey

Eye : 3D Holographic Eyes, White

Before mounting the wing and before you dub the body, you can add some lead on the fly if you want it to be heavier. 

See SBS on a similar fly : SBS Rabbit Midi Zonker

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