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Rabbit Midi Zonker


This is a relatively simple fly pattern to tye.

It can be tied up in a endless number of color combinations and styles.

It depends on your preferences for your fishing. You can also choose if you want to tye in som weight or not.

I often tye in a couple of wraps lead in my patterns, to make it "swim" and sink better in the water


Hook : Ahrex Light Stinger NS122 - Size 6

Thread : Semperfli Nano 18/0, White

Wing : Hareline Micro Black Barred Bunny strips (orange/yellow/white)

Body : 50/50 Blend of SSS Dubbing Golden & White Pearl Ice Dubb

Thorax : UV Red Ice Dubb

Eyes : White with black pupils

Then you need some lead and Super Glue. I use the gel glue from Locktite.

Step : 1

Attached the hook to the vise. And if you want make som wraps with the lead, do it now. 

I normally use about 6-8 wraps with 0,15mm lead. 

It should appear around the thorax of the fly

Step : 2

Attached the tying thread to the hook. 

Make som good turns over the lead, and end it up above the hook point. 

You can secure the lead with varnish or super glue

Step : 3

Find your rabbit zonker strips and cut a V-shape at the end of the wing.

Remember that you cut at the end, where the hairs naturally point backwards

Don`t throw away the excess. We will use it on the last part of the fly

Step : 4

Attache the zonker strips on the hook with a couple of really hard turns. 

In order to add some really strong turn swith the tying thread, I recommend using a thread as Semperfli Nanosilk. You will also notify an another benefit later on. 

The wing should be around 1-1,5cm behind the hook. Make sure not to tie down any of the fur

Step : 5

Find your dubbing. 

For the body I have blended regular white pearl ice dubb, and the golden SSS dubbing. About 50/50 of each.

In the front  area I use an red UV ice dubb. 

Dubb it very loose. Finish it behind the hook eye

Step : 6

Now its time to use your brushing tool. If you have anything that take a little bit harder than a toothbrush, use it. Because we are going to brush hard

Step : 7

Brush the dubbing downwards. Brush as much as you can. There is no need to be a lot of dubbing under the rabbit fur, we need it to shape the underbody of the imitation

Step : 8

Before you pull the rabbit fur, or zonker strips forward. Shape up the dubbing as a body. 

Soften your fingers and pull the dubbing backwards along the hook, do it a couple of times. 

Then pull the zonker strip forward, not to loose. Before you tying it down with the tying thread, make sure you tie down about a 1cm or 1,5 of the fur (as show on the next picture). This because the fur will now rise a little, and help you shaping the body. 

Step : 9

Make sure as told on the last picture, tie down some of the fur to help you shape the wing. 

Make som real hard turns with your tying thread. Its important to make hard to secure it. Do also finish with a whip finish or a half stitch 

Step : 10

Find the excess material from picture 3.  We don't throw anything do we :)

Fasten the hair of the fur in the paper clamp. Cut it all the way into the skin. Remove loose fibers and under wool if you want

This hair will do the collar of the fly

Step : 11

You can do this part in two ways

Make dubbing-loop with you tying thread or if you use a thread which you can easily split, as the superstring Semperfli Nanosilk thread. Do the following.

Lay the hair in the split of the loop. Spin the tread. Loos up and the hair will spread around as shown in the picture

Step : 12

Turn the hair around the hook and shape the collar / head. 

Make sure to pull the hair backwards for every turn you do, this will make you the best result. 

Finish it behind the hook eye. Secure the thread with a whipfinish or a half stitch.

Step : 13

Its time for the super glue. 

I use Locktite Power Flex. It is a gel glue and its perfect to attaching eyes on fur.

Step : 14

Before you attaching the eyes. Pull the hair / fur backwards. Make sure it looks nice. 

Lock / Secure the hair/fur with you thumb and finger. Use the other hand to lay a little gem with glue where you will the eyes to appear. 

Attache the eye. Push it down gently

Step : 15

Soften your fingers and dress the fly. Pull the hair backwards, and cut off excess. 

The fly is finished and ready to fish. 


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