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Foam Wing

This is a wing you can use on your midges or your mayfly emergers. 

It gives float ability and a nice sight point

Step : 1

Attach the tying thread on the hook. Make a solid base with som wraps around the area you want the wing to appear. 

Step : 2

Find your tube foam you want to use

Step : 3

Make a cut with the scissor in the foam, so you can pull it down on the hook

Step : 4

Pull the foam down on the hook

If you want you can add some super glue on the hook shank before mounting the wing. 

Step : 5

Make one turn behind the foam, and secure with a couple of wraps forward the foam afterwards

Step : 6

Then you do the same in the front. Do some secure wrappings behind the foam

Step : 7

Secure the foam with some turns around it. Be safe and also do some securing wraps around the hook

Step : 8

Cut the wing in the length you want, and finish your fly with the other materials you want to use

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